Candace Hudson : Founder

I got into advocating because I have a passion for helping others and I know I can make a difference. Being married to an old law juvenile lifer opened my eyes to the misconduct of our justice system. 

My husband doesn’t deserve to be in prison like many others, so I fight everyday to bring awareness to society and be the voice for those that go unheard. Together I believe we can all make a difference.
Tamara Lowe
Here is Why I am an advocate.
Why I am so passionate about being an advocate to our citizens behind the walls?

Yes, there many who have been wrongfully convicted and also guilty as charged behind those walls. It does not matter which you are. We all are people with a past.

Life circumstances sometimes causes victims and/or witnesses to remember or see things differently than what truly happened. Some are blatantly set-up. Some are guilty as accused because of life circumstances. Some are actually innocent.

All involved need to be forgiven. All need a chance to heal and recover. It is one big circle. We are all people who should be treated with the same respect and humane way.

We need to learn to forgive, put the past in the past. Each day is a new day. A new chance to write the next chapter in your life. No one should be held to things that happened years ago. People change. The circumstances of the past will never change. Put yourselves in the shoes of each other. How would you react? How you you want to be treated?

"How much do you love yourself?
"How much has God forgiven you?
Tanya Baird
My loved one is currently incarcerated and after years of seeing the injustices carried out to those in prison I wanted to make a difference and be a voice to those that had none.


I got into advocating because I wanted to help people and believe that I can make a difference. I am involved with a juvenile lifer that does not deserve to be there any longer. In the time that I have been involved. I have seen many injustices and I wanted to get involved to give these people a voice that do not have a voice otherwise. So I will continue to fight to bring awareness to the injustice that is being done and to bring awareness to society.